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Nanjing Higrade Architecture& Landscape Design Research Institute CO.LTD. was founded in July 1997, coincides with Hongkong's return to the motherland. At the same time, it expresses the return of design to natural, cultural, functional, form and owner's respect and rational return.

The company has a double grade qualification for architectural engineering design and landscape architecture design issued by the Ministry of construction. Construction, landscape, indoor, structural, water, electricity, heating of the professional and technical personnel of more than 100 people, own office area of nearly 2000 square meters.

The company advocates a harmonious, unified, integrated and one-stop design service for the building, landscape and indoor environment space to provide a good experience for the customers.

The return of the works over the years has spread throughout the great rivers and south of the motherland.

There are housing, hospitals, hotels, office research and development, sports venues, business complexes, industrial plants, business parks, old cities, new parks, squares, riverside and other architectural and landscape design works.

In addition to domestic projects, regression has also actively explored overseas markets, and has undertaken engineering design projects in Vietnam, Kampuchea, the United States, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia and Congo.


Design and research scope:

The planning and architectural design - - Interior Design and landscape design


• inheritance and innovation, absorption and inclusion. The organic integration of architectural planning, landscape and interior design. - the wisdom of the construction, general contracting management project based on BIM technology.

  • 20+

    20 years of experience in the construction industry
  • 100+

    An elite team of more than 100 people
  • 500+

    More than 500 large customers
It has more than 100 professional technicians with architecture / landscape / Interior / structure / water / electricity / heating and has a modern office building with nearly 2000 square meters.
Address:8F, Building 2 of Nanda Softech science innovation park NO.19 South qingjiang road, Nanjing.